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WeToken is a professional multi-chain digital wallet!

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WeToken (Android) WeToken (Android)
Relying on the team's technical accumulation and security experience in the blockchain field, it guarantees the asset security of global digital currency users from multiple dimensions, and provides simple, convenient, safe and reliable digital asset management services.
One wallet, manage multi-chain assets, safe and easy to use, blockchain entry

Provide safe and reliable digital asset management services for millions of users in more than 150 countries around the world

Multi-chain wallet
Multi-chain and multi-asset, one wallet, with mainstream assets, now supports multiple main chains such as Ethereum, TRON, BSC, HECO, etc.
Cross-chain, convenient, decentralized, one-stop solution to your needs. Feel at ease
Asset safety, take care of it
Build a comprehensive risk control system to fully protect the security of users' wallets.
Use secp256k1 elliptic curve algorithm encryption to ensure the security of accounts and transactions. Of course, we also support different types of encryption algorithms such as the national secret algorithm RES\AES\DES.
Zero-loss pledged mining, currency generates usdt
Lying to make high profits, assets are not idle.
Feel WeToken, how fast and easy the pledge experience is.
Various ways to increase income, using smart contract technology, safe, fair, and transparent, bringing you a new experience of wealth management and value-added.
Decentralized, tamper-proof mechanism
The decentralized and distributed storage feature of blockchain technology naturally prevents secondary data tampering.
The feature of all behaviors on the chain solves the problem of traces during asset operations, making it possible to trace the behavior.
One wallet, manage multi-chain assets, safe and easy to use, blockchain entry

Provide safe and reliable digital asset management services for millions of users in more than 150 countries around the world

Wetoken wallet always puts the safety of user assets in the first place, provides the highest level of security protection mechanism, adopts a separate storage solution for hot and cold wallets, 80% of funds are stored offline, and security experts monitor abnormalities 24 hours a day. It adopts hardware multi-signature deposit and withdrawal mechanism, seven-layer security protection strategy, two-factor verification, biometric verification and two-step authorization mechanisms to fully protect the security of user assets

Asset Security
Guard carefully
Private key self-holding
Multi-layer encryption
third-4 Pledge mining third-5

Users obtain income by locking a single currency of Stake (Locked Staking), which is what we often call PoS, Proof of Stake pledge proof of rights and interests, users obtain income by staking on the blockchain. For faster Retrieve the pledged assets for transactions and transfers. WeToken will reserve a token liquidity pool to meet the needs of users to instantly retrieve the pledged assets when the pledge is released. The quick release of pledges function makes users immune to most PoS projects The effect of lengthy pledge period is solved, and the position of pledged assets can be managed flexibly. Automatic reinvestment to amplify income. WeToken Staking supports the one-click compound interest function, allowing Staking income to be automatically reinvested in pledge to realize compound interest income.

Users can actively choose to turn on or turn off the corresponding functions. However, it should be noted that the pledge redemption of assets on the chain requires a certain unlocking period. Different currencies have different times. The actual redemption time is subject to the actual arrival of the account. .

third-4 Dual currency pledge third-4

Dual currency pledge is an investment product with floating returns. We use proprietary strategies to provide liquidity, which means you can obtain higher returns.

WUSDT is a blockchain stable currency that anchors the USD value generated by the wetoken decentralized wallet mortgaged by a variety of digital currencies. WUSDT cannot be purchased directly, but can only be obtained through stablecoin liquidity mining, Swap liquidity pools and other applications. Anyone can earn WUSDT by staking BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, SHIB, etc. with zero loss in the wetoken wallet. After staking to earn WUSDT, it can be exchanged for USDT through the platform, or it can be combined into liquidity through the FLAP page for combined mining to earn more WUSDT, which can support BSC, HECO, and OKE chains. The automatic feedback mechanism supports the price of WUSDT to remain stable at 1:1 with the US dollar, so that it can circulate as freely as any other digital asset.

third-4 Mortgage Loan third-4

The borrower pledges BTC and other digital assets as collateral, and chooses the loan period and interest rate. The lender invests USDT in WeToken and selects the corresponding lending conditions such as lending period and interest rate. The lending rate is generally lower than Other platforms.

The platform matches the needs of the borrower with the conditions of the lender, and the borrower can obtain funds immediately. Use your fingers to apply quickly, and you can obtain funds without selling your favorite digital currency. When the price of collateral rises , The repayment amount remains the same. You only need to repay and redeem your mortgaged assets. You can use the borrowed assets anywhere. The income of stable currency wealth management is higher than other wealth management products, and wealth management products are diversified, not just assets Make multiple loans to minimize risks. All loans are guaranteed and supported by mainstream token collateral that has been locked. In the event of market fluctuations or the borrower’s failure to repay, a forced liquidation will be implemented and the borrower’s collateral will be Convert to USDT.

third-4 Celebrity Advocacy third-4

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WeToken history

One step at a time, one step at a time

WeToken was registered November 2020
January 2021 WeToken is released online
The first zero-loss pledge mining solution was born February 2021
May 2021 Market tracking function released and online
WeToken supports multiple main chains at the same time, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB, ADA, etc. June 2021
September 2021 WeToken adopts a cold and hot wallet separation storage solution
WeToken has been reviewed by security experts and the security level has been raised again November 2021
January 2022 WeToken launches dual-currency pledge
Launched millions of subsidy activities, super annualized February 2022

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